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Bike ride to Piana degli Albanesi

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in cycling and bike pics | 0 comments

Since the end of 2012 I’m taking lots of pictures during bike rides, but I have been working on this blog for only a few days now. So I have some catching up to do! This photo was taken on a bike ride from Balestrate to Piana deglia Albanesi (wiki / google maps). It’s a nice ride with a not so steep climb (max around 7%) starting near Lago Poma and through the town of San Giuseppe Jato. Before arriving at the town of Piana deglia Albanesi you’ll pass the monument at Portella della Ginestra (google maps). On May 1, 1947, 11 people were killed and 27 wounded during...

My quest to find Castelli free aero race gloves

Posted by on May 13, 2013 in bikes, gear and gadgets | 0 comments

A few years ago Castelli made some excellent gloves, the Aero race gloves. Besides the team version, they came in black a and white and black and red. The black and red gloves could be combined with a black and jersey and the team version of the Free Aero Race bibshort. When used almost every day they had to be replaced every now and then, so every year I bought a few new pairs. Then all of a sudden the gloves were out of stock in every online store I usually ordered from! I found out that my favorite gloves were replaced by a Free Aero Race glove with...

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