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A photo op with the Carabinieri

Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in cycling and bike pics | 0 comments

I did a short bike ride today and was on my way back home when I saw a couple of Carabinieri near the town of Trappeto. One of them had just stopped a car and was talking to the driver, while the other was just standing next to their car, looking like a real bad-ass with his black leather boots and impressive uniform (something like this). The car the carabinieri use is black with red stripes and has a white logo, just like my Ridley Helium SL. I slowed down and approached the carabiniere standing next to the car: “Good afternoon sir, maybe a strange question, but is it...

Caption contest: win a Polar Bottle!

Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in bikes, gear and gadgets, miscellaneous | 10 comments

Riding your bike in Sicily means for most part of the year riding in hot, sunny weather. With the high temperatures water in your water bottles will be lukewarm in no time, but with a Polar Bottle you can keep your water cool for 3 to 4 hours! Here’s how: Fill your Polar Bottle up about 80% and put it in the freezer the night before you go on a bike ride. If the bike route is less than 50 kilometers, then you should take the bottle out of the freezer at least one hour before you leave, otherwise you can leave the Polar Bottle in the freezer until...

Garibaldi and his “mille”, a ride to the Pianto Romano near Calatafimi

Posted by on May 31, 2013 in cycling and bike pics, miscellaneous | 0 comments

I love riding my bike in the area near Segesta, but even though I’ve been there countless times, there are still some roads left to discover. So yesterday I decided to go in the direction of Segesta and explore a new route. I took the SS113 in the direction of Trapani and crossed the railroad close to the train station of Calatafimi – Segesta : and followed the road in the direction of Calatafimi. I passed Calatafimi and turned left on the SS188. This road (5.6% average with max. 10/11% gradients) leads through the hilly countryside with many vineyards to the small village of Vita. When in Vita, there...

King of the mountain

Posted by on May 29, 2013 in training | 4 comments

Now that I work with a coach, I regularly do some low HR zone rides. I never did a lot of those easy rides and when I did, there was always another cyclist in the distance that I decided to start chasing down… Now I really try to stick to the HR zones mentioned in my workouts. Staying below a certain heart rate has became a nice game, especially when climbing in the warm Sicilian weather. A few days ago coach Rob had a low HR zone ride planned for me, so I went out and slowly made my way from the beach of the coastal town of Balestrate...

The most famous lawn in Sicily!

Posted by on May 27, 2013 in bikes, gear and gadgets, cycling and bike pics | 0 comments

So you have decided to organize the Giro dello Scorpione, Sicily edition 2014 and you have a little bit of time on your hands. What would be a nice way to promote this upcoming cycling event? I took the lawnmower and a grass hand trimmer and went to the garden of the giro‘s base camp in Balestrate, Casita DeLuca and this what I came up with… Before: and after: It got picked up by Castelli Cycling and posted on Facebook, Instagram and on Tumblr. After circulating for several weeks on the internet I can now safely say that this is the most famous lawn in...

We’ve made it! Stories from a cycling guide in Sicily

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in cycling guide | 0 comments

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of being a cycling guide for a group of Dutch friends. Every year these guys go on a short trip together and this year they decided to come to Sicily. Leo, the organizer of the trip, had asked me whether I could come up with some nice activities for the boys. I proposed a bike ride and they all loved the idea! So I arranged the rental bikes and on May 17th we all went to Eurobici in Partinico to pick them up and to go for a 55 km bike ride. After mounting the required pedals and setting the right...

Thanks Rob!

Posted by on May 20, 2013 in training | 0 comments

For last Saturday Rob had a test prepared to calculate my heart rate zones. The days before he had some easy rides planned for me and on Friday a preparation workout. On Friday I felt really strong and had a great time on the bike. Then later that day I started sniffing and sneezing. Great, hay-fever!  Not really what I was hoping for the day before the test but hey, a good night sleep and at least I’ll be well rested. Too bad some clients decide to show up late at night so I went to bed at around 03:00 AM. No worries, I’ll just sleep in and I’ll...

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