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Posted by on May 13, 2013 in bikes, gear and gadgets | 0 comments

My quest to find Castelli free aero race gloves

My quest to find Castelli free aero race gloves

A few years ago Castelli made some excellent gloves, the Aero race gloves. Besides the team version, they came in black a and white and black and red. The black and red gloves could be combined with a black and jersey and the team version of the Free Aero Race bibshort. When used almost every day they had to be replaced every now and then, so every year I bought a few new pairs.

Then all of a sudden the gloves were out of stock in every online store I usually ordered from! I found out that my favorite gloves were replaced by a Free Aero Race glove with a completely different print (here it is). The horror! 🙂  I really wanted “my gloves” so I decided to do an online search. How hard could it be? Well, as it turned out, very hard! They either only had the black and white gloves or when they had a few left, they were the wrong size. I then turned to Twitter and asked my followers if they knew a store who still had a few in stock. Even Castelli tried to help, but no luck!

When my gf found out I wasn’t able to find my favorite gloves, she gave it a try and what do you know? within 30 minutes she found a UK based shop that still had three pairs in my size! I didn’t think twice and we ordered them immediately.

So, what have I learned? To directly ask my gf the next time! I prefer spending my time on the bike 😀

In the sun after a bike ride in sunny Sicily

In the sun after a bike ride in sunny Sicily

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