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giro dello scorpione – FAQ

Here you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions. This page will be updated regularly.

Is the Giro dello Scorpione organized by Castelli?
No, it’s not. It’s organized by me, cycling guide and Castelli fan. Don Bici
Do I have to be part of a (Social Media) group to be able to participate?
No, everybody who has a Castelli Cyling kit can participate in the event.
Will there be a special gds Castelli kit?
If we have enough participants and requests for a gds kit, I will definitely try and make this happen.

Rental bikes                         
What kind of rental bikes do you offer?
At the moment Eurobici has 19 Ridley bikes: 15 carbon and 4 aluminum frames. Most of them with either a Shimano 105 or an Ultegra (10 or 11 speed) group. These will be the first bikes to book. When they run out of Ridley road bikes, they will use other brands, like Focus.
Are the rental bikes fitted with bike computers?
No, they aren’t, so you’ll need to bring your own.
If I want to rent a bike, do I need to bring my own pedals?
Not necessarily, Eurobici has a lot of different pedals for the rental bikes. In any case, contact me first and I’ll let you know if you need to bring your own pedals.
Do I get a bike fit?
Yes, I will ask you to email me all the details we need to prepare the bike up front. Then, when you pick up the bike, we’ll do a quick bike fit to make sure you will cycle comfortably.

The routes:                         
That looks like a lot of kilometers and meters ascent to me. Isn’t that a bit too much?
The event will attract cyclists of different levels and with different cycling wishes and possibilities, so I already proposed shorter, alternative routes per day. Besides this, you’re not obligated to ride every route. Just pick the ones that you’d like to ride and if you don’t feel like riding, why not relax in the swimming pool or go to the beach, visit some places of interest, etc. Cycling should be fun, so you decide how many kilometers and meters ascent you’ll end up doing in one week.
How will I be able to follow the routes you propose?
You will get itineraries for every route and I’ll also prepare files that you can use with your bike computer.
Are there some nice bars along the routes or other places where we can stop for a drink/ice cream?
I have mentioned the possible stops for food, drinks and ice cream on the gds program. The service vehicle will have some water as well and there are a few places where you can fill your water bottle with fresh mountain water. NB Keep in mind: you can’t drink the water when you see a sign saying “acqua non potabile”.

Safety and service:                         
Is it necessary to wear a helmet?
Yes, absolutely! You need to wear a helmet if you want to participate. If you don’t bring your own, you can either rent or buy one here.
Will there be a service vehicle?
Yes, but because there’s an alternative route for each day, the car will follow the largest group. In many cases the routes are similar, so if you need help, the service car will be near. The service vehicle will have inner tubes, wheels and tools and water. You can also buy gels and energy bars from the driver.
What if I have a mechanical problem?
The driver of the service vehicle is an experienced bicycle mechanic, so he will be able to help you out.

The accommodation:                         
Do you have more information about the accommodation?
Yes, you’ll find more information and lots of photographs here.
My wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/kids want(s) to come with me but he/she/they won’t be riding a bike. Is that okay?
Yes of course, no problem! Soon I’ll post the costs both for cyclists and for their non cycling partners on this blog. Contact me if you’d like to come to Sicily with your family and I’ll let you know what the possibilities and costs will be.
Is it okay if I stay longer than one week?
Sure, no problem. I can arrange everything from the accommodation to car and bike rental , so just send me an email!

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This cycling event will be held from May 30 until June 6 2015
Disclaimer: The Giro dello Scorpione is not organized by Castelli but by cycling guide and Castelli fan, Don Bici

Giro dello Scorpione 2015

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