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MTB ride to the top of Monte Palmeto

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016 in bike routes, cycling and bike pics | 0 comments

The bike routes I made for are all meant for road bikes. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t beautiful routes for mountain bikes in the area. On the contrary! Climbing the mountains in the area on your MTB will give you spectacular views in beautiful areas of this sunny island. The first route I’ll mention on this blog, is the climb to the top of Monte Palmeto. This is the large mountain that you see when you drive from the gulf area via the A29 to Palermo. This rocky mountain is located close to Eurobici, where I can organize bike rental for you. The climb is not that...

There, I fixed it!

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016 in bikes, gear and gadgets | 0 comments

If you, like myself, don’t have magnet-less sensors, you probably use a wheel magnet and a cadence magnet for your Garmin bike computer. And if you have more than one bike, you probably bought one or two Garmin GSC10 set(s), consisting of a wheel magnet, a cadence magnet and three black zip ties. Nice, but why there are no Garmin sets with just a couple of wheel magnets? I never had to replace a cadence magnet, while I had to replace many wheel magnets. I believe I have 6 or 7 cadence magnets lying around and I probably won’t ever need them. Maybe it’s me, but I think those...

Climbing to Piano Margi

Posted by on Oct 30, 2016 in bike routes, cycling and bike pics | 0 comments

If you like climbing in excellent weather, then cycling in Sicily will be a blast! There are many nice climbs in my area, both for road bikes and for mountain bikes. The climb to Piano Margi is one of those climbs. The first part can be done on a road bike and an MTB, but if you’d like to go all the way to the top you’ll have to do the climb on a mountain bike (like we did here). The climb starts in the small town of Cinisi, pretty close to the airport of Palermo. The climb: The climb is over 8 km long and when you’ve reached...

Climbing Monte Inici

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in cycling and bike pics | 2 comments

My Cannondale F4 had problems with the gearing and I mainly use my roadbike anyway, so I hadn’t touched the bike in ages. When a good friend of mine bought a new group for his mountain bike, I decided to buy his “old” XT group, so I could go for a ride on the mountain bike again. Yesterday I went to Monte Inici, a beautiful, rocky mountain near the coastal town of Castellammare del Golfo and took lots of pictures. Below you’ll find several of those pics, which will show you why I love cycling...

Testing the Schwalbe Pro One tires

Posted by on Oct 16, 2016 in bikes, gear and gadgets | 0 comments

Since I bought my first road bike, around 5 years ago, I have ridden nearly 50,000 km in sunny Sicily. While that may not be particularly impressive, I believe the fact that I never had a flat, sure is! So, are the roads on this island paved to perfection? No, not really. I was just lucky my bike shop advised me to go with Schwalbe Durano Plus. This tire has a gel layer that helps prevent punctures. For me they are the perfect tires and several pairs lasted for over 10,000 km.   I did always wonder whether the Durano Plus tires were much slower than other tires. I...

Cycling is fun (again)!

Posted by on Aug 11, 2016 in training | 0 comments

For a while, cycling hadn’t been that much fun. After the accident it took several months to get back on the bike and with a lot of the power gone, it felt like I had to start from scratch. Training wasn’t much fun and neither were core workouts due to pain in my neck, arms and collar bone, that just didn’t seem to go away. I wanted to be back at the level I was before the crash, but progress wasn’t going fast enough and neither was I (so I thought). I was extremely focused on riding fast, but I forgot all about the most important thing: cycling should...

Where are the hills?

Posted by on Feb 7, 2016 in miscellaneous | 0 comments

So this winter I decided to test my new Ridley Fenix SL winter bike in a country where it could actually get cold in the winter, so I’m doing some cycling in The Netherlands. To help me acclimatize, the weather gods decided it was best to let me cycle in the warmest winter in history… #notcomplaining. So here are my first thoughts: 1. Where are the hills? 2. I thought I knew what a strong wind was, then I started cycling in Holland 3. My Fenix SL is a spectacular bike, really happy with my choice! 4. The Selle San Marco saddle is a much comfier saddle than the...

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