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Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in bikes, gear and gadgets, miscellaneous | 10 comments

Caption contest: win a Polar Bottle!

Caption contest: win a Polar Bottle!

Riding your bike in Sicily means for most part of the year riding in hot, sunny weather. With the high temperatures water in your water bottles will be lukewarm in no time, but with a Polar Bottle you can keep your water cool for 3 to 4 hours! Here’s how:

Fill your Polar Bottle up about 80% and put it in the freezer the night before you go on a bike ride. If the bike route is less than 50 kilometers, then you should take the bottle out of the freezer at least one hour before you leave, otherwise you can leave the Polar Bottle in the freezer until the moment you start your ride in the Sicilian hills and mountains.
Polar Bottle

Win this Polar Bottle

If you go on a bike ride with me or one of the other local guides, we will lend you a Polar Bottle so you can test it yourself for free. But you can also win one! How? Very simple:

leave a funny caption for the following photo in the comments before June 15th. NB You have to leave an email address, but this address won’t show up in the comments. I will pick the best caption and will announce and contact the winner on June 16th.

caption contest


You are allowed to leave more then one comment so type away and write something funny!



  1. No the van isnt propping me up, i am propping it up!

  2. I might have crash my van, my bike might have crash me but I won’t crash because I have my Polar Bottle, I hope!

  3. I feel like crying without my Polar Bottle.

  4. Just waiting for Cavendish to catch up….. He doesn’t do hills

  5. That’s the last time ‘White Van Man’ calls me a #bloodycyclist…

  6. Exhausted… Just knackered… I hit a Van… Literally…

  7. When I said I was going to battle that mountain head-on with my bike I didn’t mean “on” my bike

  8. Let me get this straight… A ride up that climb in this air conditioned, shiny, white Van was an option from the beginning?!?

  9. Just hurry up and take the photo…. I’m sweating my nuts off wearing Black in this Sicilian heat….

  10. The team sky bus is modern and smart but we will stick with this traditional method…. Just need to find horses to pull it

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